Thursday, January 20, 2011

She's Arrived gift set

Original price: $165
Limited edition of 350
From the mainline 2010 collection

This was a gift set that included a doll with two complete outfits and two pairs of shoes. She had golden blonde hair and blue, forward-facing eyes with pink eyeshadow. She shares the same facial screening as "Beatnik Blues," but with bright pink lips, pink eyeshadow and golden eyebrows.

The set included a white sleeveless blouse, a hot pink pencil skirt, a matching hot pink jacket with two buttons and a high collar; a hot pink headband; a two-piece dress with a white background covered in pink, black and light blue squares with a light blue belt (the top and bottom are separate pieces); a white knee-length tulle/net slip; a light blue suitcase; wrist-length white gloves; a white clutch purse; white pumps and pink strap sandals; two pairs of nude pantyhose; a pearl necklace and rhinestone earrings; and a shopping bag that says "Miss Teen" on it.

The suitcase really opens, and has a magnet that holds it shut.