Friday, January 21, 2011

Poppy Parker eye chart

This is a comparison of the eyes of the Poppy Parker dolls produced up to mid-2013. I thought it would be interesting to see them all together in one place.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love How You Love Me gift set

Original price: $150
Limited edition of 300
A Dolls Magazine exclusive that came out in late March 2011.

This Poppy appeared on the cover of the Feb. 2011 issue of Dolls Magazine. She had light blonde hair done up in a similar style to 2009's "Reluctant Debutante," with blue, left-glancing eyes, blonde eyebrows and pale pink lips. She has the same facial screening as "Fashion's Night Out" and "Ask Any Girl," but in a different color palette.

240 of the gift sets were sold to W Club members via a lottery before the doll went public; the remaining 60 were offered on the Dolls Magazine web site a few days later.

The set included one doll with three complete outfits, two pairs of shoes and one pair of bedroom slippers. It came with a solid white dress; a solid white coat; a long-sleeved but short nightgown (pink and white gingham with red accents); bloomers that match the nightgown; a red jumper over a white blouse; white lace tights and nude pantyhose; a white clutch purse; a white hair bow; pearl earrings; red shoes; white pumps; and slippers that match the nightgown.

Ask Any Girl gift set

Original price: $130
Limited edition of 425
From the Jason Wu Event VII: Dark Romance convention held in Oct. 2010 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

This was a gift set with a brunette Poppy Parker and three outfits. She had dark green, left-glancing eyes, pale pink lipstick and very dark brown hair curled under in the back. (Hair was almost black, but not quite).  Her eyeshadow was pale pink, fading to a yellowish hue up to her eyebrows.

The set came with a cream lace dress with a dark brown bow wrapped around the body under the breasts; a cream-and-white tulle slip; a pale pink turtleneck sweater and dark brown shorts combo; a cream-and-brown 2-piece tweed suit with six black buttons in the front (the jacket is lined with pale pink); a dark green sleeveless shirt, and a white hat. The set also came with short white gloves, two sets of shoes, a necklace-and-earring set (gold, set with very dark brown stones), a white clutch purse and nude pantyhose.

Her facial screening is same as "Fashion's Night Out/Bergdorf" and "I Love How You Love Me," but in a different color palette.

Shadow of a Smile

Photo by Mandy4384, posted here with permission
Original price: $120
Limited edition of ?
From the Jason Wu Event VII: Dark Romance convention held in Oct. 2010 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

This was a table centerpiece doll at the convention, and therefore very limited. She had forward-facing, bright green eyes, bright pink lipstick and bright red hair with bangs. She shared the same facial screening as the "Ponies Up" workshop Poppy that was also available at the convention.

"Shadow" wears a floor-length ballgown which is a black-and-purple version of "Look of Love's" white-and-cream gown, coupled with long, elegant gloves.

Tears Go By Poppy Parker

Original price: Included in the convention pricing.
Limited edition of  ?
From the Jason Wu Event VII: Dark Romance convention held in Oct. 2010 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

She had black hair and eyebrows, forward-facing brown eyes, yellowish eyeshadow and very pale/nude lips.

Her hair was pulled up in a partial ponytail. That is, the front and sides were pulled up into a ponytail on top of her head, but the back was not. Her hair was genuinely black, and not just a very dark brunette.

Came with a solid black dress with a white ruffed "clown" collar.  Also came with long white lace stockings/tights; black shoes with buckles/bows on the tops of each shoe, and white pearl earrings.

2010 Ponies Up Workshop Poppy Parker

2010 Workshop Poppy in an FR: Monogram dress.
Original price: $50 at store / $30 at the convention workshop.
Limited edition of 90.
From the Jason Wu Event VII: Dark Romance convention held in Oct. 2010 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

This was a Poppy Parker head-and-body set that was available at the convention for the "Ponies Up" hair workshop. She had bright green, forward-facing eyes with purply-pink eyeshadow; bright pink lipstick; reddish eyebrows and long, straight, medium-brown hair that hung down to her hips. Her hair was the exact same shade of brown saran as "Endless Summer" Poppy Parker. calls this color of saran "Milk Chocolate Brown."

Her facial screening was exactly the same as the convention centerpiece doll "Shadow of a Smile," but with different hair ("Shadow" had bright red hair with bangs). Workshop Poppy was a head-and-body set only and did not include clothing, shoes or jewelry.

Fashion's Night Out (Bergdorf Goodman)

Original price: $150
Limited edition of  200
From the Bergdorf Goodman "Fashion's Night Out" event in New York in Sept. 2010.

This was the first Poppy made that had real eyelashes. She was not technically a part of the Poppy Parker line, but instead was a specialty doll made for this one event in New York at Bergdorf Goodman.

She had dark brunette hair and bright blue, left-glancing eyes. She had gold eyeshadow and nude lips. She wore a black-and-white outfit with a large white bow at the neck.

She had the same facial screening as "Ask Any Girl," but in a different color palette. Accessories included black shoes, sunglasses, a Bergdorf Goodman shopping bag, and a black jacket.

The 2010 separate fashions

Tonight's The Night fashion only
(formerly "A Night To Remember")
Original price: $65
Limited edition of 300

Party on 5th Avenue fashion only
(formerly "Sealed With a Kiss")
Original price: $65
Limited edition of 300
From 2010

Comes with a separate short jacket made from the same material as the dress. 

She's Arrived gift set

Original price: $165
Limited edition of 350
From the mainline 2010 collection

This was a gift set that included a doll with two complete outfits and two pairs of shoes. She had golden blonde hair and blue, forward-facing eyes with pink eyeshadow. She shares the same facial screening as "Beatnik Blues," but with bright pink lips, pink eyeshadow and golden eyebrows.

The set included a white sleeveless blouse, a hot pink pencil skirt, a matching hot pink jacket with two buttons and a high collar; a hot pink headband; a two-piece dress with a white background covered in pink, black and light blue squares with a light blue belt (the top and bottom are separate pieces); a white knee-length tulle/net slip; a light blue suitcase; wrist-length white gloves; a white clutch purse; white pumps and pink strap sandals; two pairs of nude pantyhose; a pearl necklace and rhinestone earrings; and a shopping bag that says "Miss Teen" on it.

The suitcase really opens, and has a magnet that holds it shut.

Look of Love Poppy Parker

"Love" with her hair re-styled.
Original price: $135
Limited edition of 500
From the mainline 2010 collection

Medium brown hair upswept into a tight, gelled-solid updo.  Her eyes are bright green and right-glancing, and she wears pink lipstick.

Comes with rhinestone earrings, a rhinestone bracelet, long white gloves and a white, floor-length Cinderella-style ballgown with a layers of white and cream tulle over the top of its skirt, and white tulle over the beaded bodice.  She comes with metallic silver pumps and a clutch purse.

Her hair is gelled solid, but the hard gel can be washed out. There are several metal pins holding her hairstyle in place. They are literally stuck through the rock-hard hair and into her head. If you want to take her hair down, you'll have to get small pliers to gently pull out each of these pins (there are around 8-9 pins total). If you take down her hair, you will see that it is chin-length when down. There will be a few locks of shorter hair in the center back of her head where the company cut the hair in order to create the updo. You can do a partial re-root of this small section of shorter hair to even it out. Her exact saran hair match is "Chestnut Brown" saran. (Color name comes from ... the name may be different on other sites.)

Despite the promo pics showing an all-white dress, the dress is actually a mix of cream and white.

Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker

Original price: $119
Limited edition of 500
From the mainline 2010 collection

Straight, white-blonde (platinum) hair with bangs. "Beatnik" had blue, forward-facing eyes with blue eyeshadow, and pale/nude lips.

Her outfit consisted of a black turtleneck long-sleeved shirt; a blue knee-length skirt; a blue coat that matched the skirt; black shoes; a black belt; black
leggings/pantyhose; hoop earrings, and a black beret. "Beatnik" had the same facial screening as the doll from the "She's Arrived" gift set, also from 2010, but in a different color palette.

Coney Island Saturday

Original price: $80
Limited edition of 600
From the mainline 2010 collection

"Coney" had brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, with bangs. She had brown, left-glancing eyes and bright red lipstick, with yellow eyeshadow all the way up to her eyebrows.

She wore a sailor-inspired getup consisting of a red sailor shirt with shorts, sandal-type shoes and hoop earrings.

Closeup photo of Coney Island (redressed in this pic) is by Terri Gold of  "Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold." Used with permission.

The Forget-Me-Not trio

Photo by JennFL, posted with permission
Photo by JennFL, posted with permission
Original price: $80 each
Limited edition of 100 of each hair color.

The three "Forget Me Not" Poppy Parkers were exclusives for different online doll shops in early 2010. The blonde was a "Gigi's Dolls and Sherri's Bears" exclusive; the brunette was an exclusive at "The Doll Peddlar," and the redhead was an exclusive at "My Favorite Doll."

Photo by Mandy4384, posted with permission
The dresses were all the same style, in different colors. The redhead came with a fluffy '60s-style hat. They all came with wrist-length white gloves, and shoes that matched their dresses. The blonde came with a lavender headband, and the brunette had a big pink bow in her hair.