Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holiday in the Hamptons gift set

"Hamptons" with her hair taken down.
Original price: $150
Limited edition of 300
W Club exclusive / IT Direct exclusive from 2009

A gift set that included a Poppy with dark red hair drawn back in a ponytail, right-glancing gray eyes, bright pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow. She came with three outfits and two pairs of shoes. 

Doll came with light blue pumps and white sneakers. The ensembles included: short wrist-length white gloves, a white short jumpsuit with black, yellow and light blue polka-dots on it; a black belt with a light blue round buckle; a sky blue shirt with buttons down the front; lime green capri pants; a solid black dress with bows at the shoulders; a polka-dot clutch purse that matches the jumpsuit; a bouquet of pink roses wrapped in white; a jewelry set with single-rhinestone earrings and a black hair bow;  a polka-dot scarf that matches the jumpsuit; and a knee-length black tulle slip.

If you take down this doll's ponytail, the hair is either completely bald in the center back of her head, or else just very thinly rooted back there (it varies). For people who might want to re-root the back of her head, her exact saran hair match is called "Rosewood Auburn" saran. (Color name comes from ... the name may be different on other sites.) All the Poppy Parker dolls use saran for their hair.

"Hamptons" appeared on the cover of the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Haute Doll magazine. This was the very first Poppy Parker gift set.