Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look of Love Poppy Parker

"Love" with her hair re-styled.
Original price: $135
Limited edition of 500
From the mainline 2010 collection

Medium brown hair upswept into a tight, gelled-solid updo.  Her eyes are bright green and right-glancing, and she wears pink lipstick.

Comes with rhinestone earrings, a rhinestone bracelet, long white gloves and a white, floor-length Cinderella-style ballgown with a layers of white and cream tulle over the top of its skirt, and white tulle over the beaded bodice.  She comes with metallic silver pumps and a clutch purse.

Her hair is gelled solid, but the hard gel can be washed out. There are several metal pins holding her hairstyle in place. They are literally stuck through the rock-hard hair and into her head. If you want to take her hair down, you'll have to get small pliers to gently pull out each of these pins (there are around 8-9 pins total). If you take down her hair, you will see that it is chin-length when down. There will be a few locks of shorter hair in the center back of her head where the company cut the hair in order to create the updo. You can do a partial re-root of this small section of shorter hair to even it out. Her exact saran hair match is "Chestnut Brown" saran. (Color name comes from ... the name may be different on other sites.)

Despite the promo pics showing an all-white dress, the dress is actually a mix of cream and white.