Thursday, January 20, 2011

Endless Summer Poppy Parker

Original price: She was an event souvenir and therefore included in convention costs.
Limited edition of 325.
A convention doll from the Jason Wu Event VI: Iconic convention held in Chicago, IL in Oct. 2009.

Long, straight, medium-brown hair and right-glancing brown eyes, with pale pink eyeshadow and pale pink lips. Came with a lavender-themed shorts-and-midriff-baring top combo. Top was a sleeveless lavender-and-cream gingham print; shorts were solid lavender trimmed on the top and bottom with strips of that same gingham print.  She came with white sneakers, and a lavender hairband.

Endless Summer has the exact same shade of saran hair as the Ponies Up Workshop Poppy from 2010. calls this shade of saran "Milk Chocolate Brown."