Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Forget-Me-Not trio

Photo by JennFL, posted with permission
Photo by JennFL, posted with permission
Original price: $80 each
Limited edition of 100 of each hair color.

The three "Forget Me Not" Poppy Parkers were exclusives for different online doll shops in early 2010. The blonde was a "Gigi's Dolls and Sherri's Bears" exclusive; the brunette was an exclusive at "The Doll Peddlar," and the redhead was an exclusive at "My Favorite Doll."

Photo by Mandy4384, posted with permission
The dresses were all the same style, in different colors. The redhead came with a fluffy '60s-style hat. They all came with wrist-length white gloves, and shoes that matched their dresses. The blonde came with a lavender headband, and the brunette had a big pink bow in her hair.