Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Ponies Up Workshop Poppy Parker

2010 Workshop Poppy in an FR: Monogram dress.
Original price: $50 at store / $30 at the convention workshop.
Limited edition of 90.
From the Jason Wu Event VII: Dark Romance convention held in Oct. 2010 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

This was a Poppy Parker head-and-body set that was available at the convention for the "Ponies Up" hair workshop. She had bright green, forward-facing eyes with purply-pink eyeshadow; bright pink lipstick; reddish eyebrows and long, straight, medium-brown hair that hung down to her hips. Her hair was the exact same shade of brown saran as "Endless Summer" Poppy Parker. calls this color of saran "Milk Chocolate Brown."

Her facial screening was exactly the same as the convention centerpiece doll "Shadow of a Smile," but with different hair ("Shadow" had bright red hair with bangs). Workshop Poppy was a head-and-body set only and did not include clothing, shoes or jewelry.