Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perfectly Purple Poppy Parker

Original price: $119
Limited edition of 400
From the mainline 2011 collection, although she didn't arrive until Jan. 2012.

Forward-facing green eyes with pink eyeshadow and pink lips. Medium-brown hair and brown eyebrows.  She has the same eye screening as "Tears Go By" Poppy, but in a different color palette.

She comes with a lavender-and-black outfit that consists of several pieces. The ensemble includes: a solid lavender jacket; a lavender-and-black gingham skirt with a matching lavender-and-black gingham tam hat; black shoes edged in lavender; a solid lavender vinyl purse; a black double-breasted, sleeveless vest; silver stud earrings; white three-fingered gloves; nude pantyhose; and a lavender-and-black gingham scarf at the neck.