Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hit Single Darla Daley

The actual production doll.
Limited edition of 400
From the mainline 2011 collection.
Jan. 2012

Brown, right-glancing eyes with purple eyeshadow above the eyes and gold eyeshadow below.  She had black hair in a dramatic curled up-do with bangs.

Comes with a purple mini-length dress, gold hoop earrings, and gold shoes, gold clutch purse, nude pantyhose and a simple gold bracelet. The dress is one piece, with a zipper down the back. There are no panties.

At Integrity's Jet Set convention in Oct. 2011, Integrity announced that Darla's original face mold had been broken at the factory and that a new sculpt would have to replace it. For this reason, "Hit Single" was never actually produced with the original sculpt, shown in two of the pics below. The new sculpt was very similar to the original sculpt, although in the final production doll, the eye screening was changed to be right-glancing instead of left-glancing as shown in the original promotional photos.

"Hit Single" was supposed to come out in 2011, but production delays made her appear in Jan. 2012 instead.

Revised promo pic, showing the new sculpt.

Original promo pic, showing the original sculpt.

Original promo pic, showing the original sculpt.