Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley

Original price: $90
Limited edition of 400
From the mainline 2011 collection.
July 2011

Deep brown, left-glancing eyes with a neutral color palette, including silvery-gray eyeshadow. She sported an eye screening that was new to the Poppy Parker world at the time of her debut:  No painted eyelashes with the exception of a single "wing" at the outer corners of each eye to give her a doe-eyed look. The eye screening was similar to "Youthquake's" screening except that her eyes looked in the opposite direction. ("Youthquake" was right-glancing.)

The outfit was also the same as "Youthquake" Poppy's except in different colors. "Shout" had a white sweater under a black jumper, with white fishnet stockings and black shoes, a white headband, and stud earrings.

At Integrity's Jet Set convention in Oct. 2011, Integrity announced that Darla's face mold had been broken at the factory and that a new sculpt would replace it, making this the only time Integrity fans would see this particular sculpt. This was the first Darla, and the only to have this particular face sculpt for that reason.