Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Original retail price:  $125
Limited edition of ???? 
W Club exclusive, Dec. 2011

"Sweet Confection" was a W Club exclusive that came out in Dec. 2011.  She was the first Poppy to be made in a tan skintone. She shared the same facial screening as "Fashion's Night Out/Bergdorf Goodman," "I Love How You Love Me," and "Ask Any Girl."  Like "Fashion's Night Out," "Confection" had applied eyelashes.

She had bright blue eyes with blue eyeshadow, pink lips, brown eyebrows and light blonde hair. She came with a bright blue-and-white dress with matching blue shoes. She had a white faux leather coat; a white shoulder bag with silver accents; white lace tights; silver hoop earrings and a silver bracelet with tiny blue stones; white sunglasses and a blue scarf.  The dress consisted of a ruffed white blouse with blue buttons and a blue mini skirt with a big blue bow in front.  The shirt and skirt are sewn together as one piece. The blue bow is removable.