Sunday, July 27, 2014


Part of the main line release for 2014
Original price: $120
Limited Edition of 800
July 2014

This doll was part of a set released in 2014 with a spy movie/TV show theme.   She had the Caucasian (FR white) skintone.  Her eyes were blue and right-glancing, with bold blue eyeshadow.

She came with a metallic gold coat set, with a '60s party dress on underneath.  The set came with a beret-style hat, golden boots and a golden purse. 

She also had a metallic gold gun, two gold bracelets and gold sunglasses, but turquoise earrings and a ring to match the turquoise in her dress.  There were a lot of extras with this doll!  ... Most of which were in bright metallic gold.

Integrity Toys did a larger version of the same coat for one of their 16" Tulabelle dolls released in 2014, with the back story that Tulabelle inherited the coat from her grandmother Poppy!  The Tula was called "Front Row."