Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sebina Havoc: Mistress of Disguise

Part of the main line release for 2014
Original price: $120
Limited Edition of 700
Summer 2014

This doll was part of a set released in 2014 with a spy movie/TV show theme.

This was a highly unusual doll for the Poppy Parker line, because it came with two heads, one with the Loni Lawrence sculpt, and one with the Poppy Parker sculpt.  The Loni sculpt was first used by Integrity Toys for a line of Breakfast at Tiffany's dolls as the character Holly Golightly, but later found life within the Poppy Parker line.

The Sebina Havoc doll had a special neck knob that Integrity Toys called "the Quickswitch System,"  which allowed the doll to switch heads easily.

The back story behind this doll was that as an actress, Loni was playing a character called Sebina Havoc in a spy thriller, and needed to disguise herself ... so she disguised herself using Poppy's face. 

The Poppy head had silver hair, grey eyes and silvery eyebrows. 

Like the other characters with the spy theme, she (they?) came with a gun.