Thursday, September 5, 2013

Barefoot in the Park: Poppy Parker as Corie Bratter

Barefoot in the Park
Poppy Parker as Corie Bratter
Limited Edition of 800 sets
Original price: $160.
Ship date: Late Sept. 2013

Two sets of dolls based on the 1967 movie "Barefoot in the Park" were offered for pre-order in July 2013.  The first was a Poppy Parker doll set with three fashions; the second a Poppy and Chip set.  The movie was based on a Neil Simon play, and starred Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

"Poppy Parker as Corie Bratter" had forward-facing blue eyes with neutral-toned eyeshadow and neutral lips.  She had applied upper eyelashes and used the same eye screening as "Foto Fab," "In The Air" and "Sweet in Switzerland."  Her hair was a reddish-blonde updo, and she used the "Caucasian" skintone (re-branded in 2013 as "FR White"). 

She came with three coats, three pairs of shoes, two dresses and one sweater-and-skirt fashion. 

Outfit #1 consisted of a red, long-sleeved turtleneck sweater with a striped miniskirt in faux suede.  It had a matching camel-colored faux suede coat, with off-black pantyhose and black boots that came to mid-thigh.

Outfit #2 is the ensemble used in a dinner scene in the movie.  It had a light pink mini-length dress with a bow at the shoulder, with a coat from a darker pink fabric.  The set had tan pumps and nude pantyhose. 

Outfit #3 was a blue mini-length dress covered by a blue coat with dark fake fur trim.  It used dark gray pumps.  This dress wasn't actually shown in the movie.  The designers wanted to create a dress to go with the blue coat from the film's opening scene, in which Corie and Paul go for a carriage ride and announce to the audience that they had just gotten married.

Accessories also included two clutch purses in dark brown and tan; two gold bracelets, hoop earrings and a wedding ring.