Thursday, September 5, 2013

Barefoot in the Park: The Bratter Lovers

Barefoot in the Park
The Bratter Lovers
Limited Edition of 800 sets
Original price: $180.
Ship date: Late Sept. 2013

Two sets of dolls based on the 1967 movie "Barefoot in the Park" were offered for pre-order in July 2013.  The first was a Poppy Parker doll set with three fashions; the second a Poppy and Chip set.  The movie was based on a Neil Simon play, and starred Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.  "The Bratter Lovers" gift set used the Poppy and Chip sculpts as the characters Corie and Paul Bratter. 

Poppy had a forward-facing eye screening with no bottom lashes, but with applied upper lashes.  Her eyes were blue, and she had neutral-toned eyeshadow and lips.  Her hair was copper and pulled back from her face, with long, wispy bangs.  Eyebrows matched the hair.

She was dressed in a pumpkin-colored sweater and long, brown corduroy pants with a belt.  She had a casual-style beige coat with a hood.  Her shoes were brown ankle boots.  She came with hoop earrings and a wedding ring, but no purse or bag. 

Chip had forward-facing blue eyes, with golden blond hair and brown eyebrows.  He came in a suit that sported a light blue shirt, navy blue tie and a dark gray jacket and pants.  Over this he wore a charcoal gray single-breasted coat with a light gray scarf.  He had black shoes, a watch and wedding ring. 

Both dolls used the "Caucasian" skintone (re-branded in 2013 as "FR White").