Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Young Sophisticate Poppy Parker

2013 W Club Exclusive
Original Price: $119.00
Shipping Date: August 2013
Limited Edition of 1200 dolls

"Young Sophisticate" was the first W Club exclusive doll offered in 2013.  She had ash-blonde hair set in ringlets.  The hair was two-toned and a mix of dark and light blonde hairs.  Her eyes were brown, and shared the same double-winged, left-glancing eye screening as "Baby It's You," "Fashion's Night Out/Bergdorf," and "Ask Any Girl," among others.   "Sophisticate" had applied eyelashes.  Her eyeshadow was in neutral beige tones, and her lips were a soft, natural shade of pink.

She wore a bright pink trench coat with a single row of buttons down the front and long puffy sleeves.  Underneath was a mini dress of yellow lace, with a black belt. 

This is the second doll with the Poppy Parker sculpt to come with a pet.  (The first being "Most Sophisticated" Sabrina with her gray poodle.)  "Young Sophisticate" comes with a white dog that looks like a maltese.  The dog has a collar and a bow in its hair.  According to Integrity Toys' official description, the dog is named Petunia.

Other accessories are black pantyhose and black shoes; black sunglasses; a black ring and earrings; and a black-and-white striped purse with a pink handle and clasp. 

*Please note that this description will be updated for accuracy when the dolls actually arrive.