Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To The Fair! Poppy Parker

W Club exclusive "upgrade doll" for 2013.
Original price: $135, which included a W Club membership.
Shipping date: June 2013
Limited Edition of 1175 dolls

"To The Fair!" was one of the two upgrade dolls available to people who signed up for Integrity Toys' W Club in 2013.  The other was "Love The One" Kyori from their Fashion Royalty line.

She was promoted with the following backstory (text by Integrity Toys): "Poppy is now the official spokes model for the 1964 International Fair!  Poppy is in a jazzy new promotion campaign portraying a tour guide at the Fair. She can be seen all over the world in posters and magazine ads. She's even made a commercial on TV! Poppy also just finished a large photo shoot that ties into the International Fair for Teen Girl magazine. This is the largest modeling campaign that Poppy's ever been in and she can't believe that her dream of stardom is coming true!"

According to Integrity, the 1964 World's Fair was the inspiration for the entire 2013 Poppy Parker line.

Poppy had left-glancing, bright blue eyes with a natural peachy eyeshadow palette and applied eyelashes.  She shared the same eye screening with "Fashion's Night Out/Bergdorf," "I Love How You Love Me" and "Ask Any Girl." Her lips were a light peach, and her eyebrows were light brown.

She had wavy golden blonde hair that was a barely-noticeable shade darker than the hair on the similar "I Love How You Love Me."

Integrity describes her outfit as a "turquoise tour guide uniform."  The uniform had a separate sleeveless white blouse that fastened with hooks down the front.  The skirt, jacket, shoes and pillbox-type hat were all a matching shade of turquoise blue.  The shoes were not solid blue, but instead were a blue snakeskin-style print outlined in white.  

Her only jewelry was some simple pearl stud earrings.  She had a blue and orange shoulder bag, a small orange scarf, and nude pantyhose.