Friday, September 28, 2012

Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence

The debut appearance of the character Loni Lawrence was at Integrity Toys' Tropicalia convention held in Orlando, Florida in late Sept. 2012.  She was distributed free to convention attendees as a table give-away.  She had light blonde hair with right-glancing blue eyes, pale pink eyeshadow and coral lips.  She had applied eyelashes.

She came with a simple, basic outfit of yellow accented with pink-and-white checked fabric.   She had yellow sandals, pink hoop earrings and a simple pink bracelet. She did not come with a purse.

Loni shares the same face sculpt as Integrity's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" dolls (Holly GoLightly) from late 2011, but those dolls had a different eye screening. 

The owner pics of this doll are by Robyne of "Desperately Seeking Dolls" and are used with permission.