Friday, September 28, 2012

Hot Dots Poppy Parker

"Hot Dots" was a gift set from Integrity Toys' Tropicalia convention held in Orlando, Florida in late Sept. 2012.  She came with a swimsuit as well as a casual outfit.  She had the same skin tone as "Sunshine Games" Poppy Parker ... slightly darker than the more commonly used "Caucasian" skin tone, but not as dark as "Sweet Confection."

She had blonde hair swept in an updo. Her eyes were blue and right-glancing and had the same screening used for the convention's table centerpiece doll "Sea Breeze."  This was also the screening used for "Holiday in the Hamptons" and "Endless Summer," among others.  She had applied eyelashes. Her lips were a medium/dark pink and her eyebrows brown.  Her eyeshadow was very natural-toned.

Her main outfit had a matching shorts and jacket set, both done in white fabric with orange, pink and light blue polka-dots.  She also had a cropped orange top to wear under the jacket; a matching beaded necklace and bracelet set; orange earrings; orange sandals; a light blue belt and white-and-light-blue tote with a handle.  Her one-piece swimsuit was hot pink, and it had a matching wrap skirt to go with it.