Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunshine Games Poppy Parker

Original price: $79
Limited edition of 500
From the mainline 2012 collection
August 2012

She had right-glancing brown eyes with applied eyelashes.  Her entire face was done in a neutral palette ...  light brown-toned eyeshadow and nude lips.  Her hair was very dark brown and pulled into two ponytails, with no bangs. She shared an eye screening with 2012's "The Happening."

Her skin was a slightly-tanned skintone darker than the regular Poppy Parker line, but lighter than "Sweet Confection." (Half-way between Integrity's "Caucasian" and "Latino" skin colors.)   She was the first Poppy Parker to have this slightly-tanned skintone.  It was the same skintone used on "Jett" from the Dynamite Girls line.

She wore a pink-and-lime green striped 2-piece bathing suit.  Accessories included a pink-and-white sun hat; white sunglasses; white shoes; pink and white purse with a handle and white hoop earrings.

Sunshine Games Poppy with Day Tripper, also from 2012.