Monday, April 2, 2012

She's Not There Poppy Parker

Original price: $99
Limited edition of 600
From the mainline 2012 collection
September 2012

"She's Not There" had very short blonde hair cut in a bob.  She had forward-facing blue eyes with a neutral color palette that included eyeshadow done in shades of blue-gray, and nude lips.  She had applied eyelashes.  Her eyebrows were brown. 

She wore a Mod-style black mini dress with white striping.  She wore red fishnet pantyhose, and white go-go boots with a stripe of black down the fronts.  She came with red sunglasses and black-and-white striped dangly ball earrings. Her white purse was outlined with black, and had a wrist strap on one side.

She also came with a matching white Mod-style coat-and-hat set that was the mirror image of her dress.  Instead of black with white striping, the coat was white with black striping in a pattern that matched the dress. 

She came with an extra pair of hands with painted-on white "gloves" on them. 

When the first pictures of this doll were revealed, Poppy Parker fans immediately saw a resemblance to '60s model Twiggy, leading to the doll being called "the Twiggy Poppy" occasionally on doll forums.