Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dream Teen Poppy Parker

Original price: $135, which included both the doll and the W Club membership.

July 2012

"Dream Teen" was the upgrade Poppy Parker doll for people who registered for Integrity Toys' 2012 W Club.  The other upgrade doll that year was "Ready To Dare" Natalia. 

"Dream Teen" sported right-glancing gray eyes with pink eyeshadow, and real/applied eyelashes.  She shared the same eye screening as "Holiday in the Hamptons," "Portrait in Black," "Endless Summer" and "Center of Attention."   Her hair was very dark brown (almost black but not quite), pulled back into one large gelled ponytail, and her eyebrows were a matching dark brown.  Her lips were pink.

"Dream's" outfit included a white dress with a bold orange, pink and gray floral print; pantyhose; a fluffy white petticoat; simple pearl earrings; pink shoes with pink ribbon bows; a simple pink bracelet and a nice pink purse with a handle (not a clutch purse).