Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Simply Simpatico Poppy and Darla gift set

Right out of the box.
Original convention price: $150

This was a gift set from Integrity Toys' "Jet Set" convention held in Chicago in Oct. 2011.  It came with two dolls and many coordinating clothing pieces.

Poppy has left-glancing blue eyes with pale pink eyeshadow and prominent black eyeliner underneath her eyes. Her lips are nude. Her hair is long and golden blonde, with bangs.

Darla, who uses the new Darla Daley sculpt, has right-glancing brown eyes with pink eyeshadow, and pink lips. Her hair is dark brown and very short.

Shown without the jacket and vest.

The clothing pieces are coordinating and can be mixed-and-matched.  For example, Darla's vest also matches Poppy's skirt exactly and can be combined with that as well as with Darla's pants.

They come with two pairs of earrings: One silver stud set and one set of silver hoops. They come with a long-sleeved pink shirt; a long-sleeved pin-striped shirt; two types of ties done in the same floral print; a long-sleeved jacket in the same floral print; one pair of pink shoes; one pair of black shoes; a gray vest, gray skirt and gray long pants that are all out of the same fabric; one pair of white fishnet tights; one pair of white fishnet socks, and two stands. Their earrings are their only jewelry. They did not come with purses.

"Simpatico" Poppy's eye paint is the same screening as "I Love How You Love Me," and the two dolls are similar.  The differences are that Simpatico's hair is a darker shade of blonde and she has bangs; her eyebrows are a bit darker; and her eyeshadow is pink with a strong black lower eyeliner, while "Love Me's" eyeshadow is pale yellowish. Below is a photo of the two together so so you see the differences.

Simpatico Poppy, left, with I Love How You Love Me.