Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Sabrina Collection - "Most Sophisticated"

Original price: $180
Limited edition of 450
June 2012

The Poppy Parker sculpt was used for a special 2012 collection based on the 1954 movie "Sabrina" starring Audrey Hepburn.  Each of the dolls used in the collection had variations in the colors and screenings used for the face paint, as well as lavish costumes from the movie.

"Most Sophisticated" was a gift set with three complete outfits.  The doll sported short, almost-black hair with dark brown eyebrows.  Her eyes were right-glancing and dark blue, with eyeshadow done in natural light brown tones.  She had red lips.  The lips were not a true red, but more of a pinkish-red.

She came with two white suitcases -- one large and one small -- banded in dark red; a black purse with a handle (not a clutch purse); three pairs of shoes (black pumps, black flats with a white design, and white sandals); her gray poodle named "David"; a white turban-style hat; and earrings.  She also came with a dark olive green coat.

Outfit #1 was her "returning home from Paris" ensemble:  a navy blue double-breasted suit.  The suit has black gloves and a white turban-style hat.
Outfit #2 was the boating outfit from the movie:  a plaid shirt with white shorts.  The shirt had a wrapped look in the front.

Outfit #3 was a long-sleeved black sweater with black capri-length pants.